This page allows the entry of the analysis details for a new run. This page is initially shown with the parameters for a standard LipidQA run. By clicking the "Switch to Cardiolipin Analysis" button, Cardiolipin analysis parameters can be entered. Multiple files (up to 20) can be uploaded using the control on the botton of this form. Once files are uploaded, and paramters are set correctly, click "Submit Job" to conduct the analysis. Analysis progress will be shown on the next screen, and upon completion, you will be taken to the Results page with the newest results selected.

Analysis Description:

Accuracy:   MS Error Da MS / MS Error Da

Sample Injection:
Select Species: MW Formula

Input Files:
Please select one or more files to analyze.  If you are using Internet Explorer earlier than version 11.0, you can browse for and select several files in the 6 upload controls below.  Once you select the files you want to submit, click the "Submit Job" button.  

If you are using a different browser, then you will see a file upload control that supports drag and drop and has an "Upload" button in the lower left corner (once the first file has been selected).  Click on this button to upload your files and, once it is completed, the analysis will be automatically submitted once the last file is uploaded.